Sudden Memory Loss Causes and Diagnosis

Not remembering where they’ve left their wallet or pullover, searching for the keys or the cell phone – these have become usual daily issues for many people and some of them might be wondering what are the sudden memory loss causes.

Actually, sudden memory loss and confusion are directly related to the brain activity and there are a lot of simple elements that influence it. A simple lack of vitamins or amino acids, an increased blood pressure or low levels of glucose in the blood are just a few elementary causes of the sudden short term memory loss.

What can cause the sudden loss of memory?

The causes are multiple and some of them more complex than they might seem at the first sight. People can suddenly loose their memory because of a head injury, especially if the hit part of the head is the one covering the memory areas. The best way to avoid this kind of accidents, people should take some preventative measures, such as wearing the seat belt while driving or a helmet while biking.

Strokes can also provoke memory loss and the only way people can avoid them is by keeping a normal level of their blood pressure, that is to say less cigarettes, no caffeine, no alcohol or drugs and as little stress as possible. An equilibrated lifestyle can also prevent the age-related memory loss.

Anxiety, fury and stress are psychological causes of the sudden short time memory loss and can also lead to confusion and serious conditions, such as dementia or delirium.

What are the main symptoms of confusion?

The main signs that someone suffers from confusion are:
• Disorganized thinking and behavior; this might even transform into aggressive and unusual reactions
• Loss of pragmatic sense and mathematical capacities
• Problems in processing new information and assimilate it
• Difficulties in doing simple, usual tasks or activities
• A continuous suspicion on people and their actions

These are only the preliminary symptoms and if left untreated or unanalyzed by a doctor can lead to more serious conditions such as hallucinations and paranoia. People should go to a doctor as soon as they notice a sudden change in their mental state or after suffering any kind of head injuries. Moreover, people who experience sleeping troubles or have been on a very strict diet and are likely to have a small amount of vitamins in their body are likely to have some memory disorders.

Is the sudden loss of memory treatable?

The treatment depends mainly on the stage of the condition and the causes of the memory loss. Sometimes, a healthier diet or some vitamins and memory supplements can easily solve the problem. Some other times, the situation it’s more complicated and the doctor is the best person to make recommendations. However, people who experience memory loss without having any physical predisposition should try to eliminate the stress and memorize less information, in order to give the brain a short break to restart and recover its activity. However, most of the sudden memory loss causes are revearsible if discovered early and treated properly.




July 2015


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